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December 15, 2009

On Light and Possibilities – a Tale of the Madman (By Rodney D. Coates )

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Out on the lawn, the sparrows descended by the hundreds filling the field. Their chaotic chorus made it hard to hear, but the elderly man repeated his question. “Why is it that our lives are all too short, our sadness all too consuming, our joy all too infrequent, our love all too transient, and our death always near? Mustafa, eyeing the birds, looked intently until they, as one, flew into the sky. There, they all but filled the sky, blocking out the sun, but then it too reemerged ever bright. Smiling, Mustafa, whom some considered mad, spoke: “Would that we could redo the past, make the mistakes go away, redeem the lost years, and say the things we should have said. Would that we could undo the pain mend the broken bridges that we did burn reverse the slide into insanity. Would that we could reverse the patterns where silence replaces the angry words smiles replace the tears. If only life would allow us to change the past but in the past we do not live. Life goes forward not backward in moving forward we must let go of the past and embrace the future. The future must not be held hostage to the past for in so doing we never grow nor do we ever experience the completeness that is within us to be. Letting go of the past taking the care to forgive ourselves and others links us to eternity and the will for our blessings. And so, dear past I forgive and allow you to recede into the beauty of past memories of rainbows that follow each storm.” Seeing the Old Man, now as tears drape a face that shows the wrinkles of too much strain, eyes that have forgotten too many days and too many now long lost friends, and too many opportunities that could have been -the Madman was saddened. This man, who had once known much, sat at the head of many tables, ordered from the top of every list, and lived life from the heights of splendor. And again, the Old Man spoke – “Mustafa, it is not without cause that we dubbed you -‘mad’. Why do you continue in these rants, why is it that refuse to see as we all see, why is it that you continually burden us with your visions. We see clearly, our destiny is our choices? Who asked you to be among us, who asked you to trouble us with your ‘truths’? Again, “Why is it that our lives are all too short, our sadness all too consuming, our joy all too infrequent, our love all too transient, and our death always near? ” Mustafa, again looking to the sky, watched brilliance of colors as the sun peaked behind the blue, black clouds. Seemingly speaking to the clouds again The Madman answered: “We are constantly bereft with problems, situations, and dire straits. We constantly find our paths blocked, or we are overwhelmed by the situation, or we find that we cannot seem to get past our past. How often have we known of destruction, or distractions which can only lead to our doom? But rather then avoid them; it seems that often we are repeatedly drawn to them, and the consequences. No matter what you have done, forgiveness and redemption lies in your hands. But still there are those who dwell in condemnation which only leads to valleys of shadow and death. But what are shadows, and why is there death. For there to be shadows there must be three thing…or events…Light, a blockage, and darkness. Consider light …hope, destiny, purpose, and dreams – the stuff which should guide us from victory to victory. And, the light which shines brightly regarding whom we should be, who we can be – the light of hope, dreams, and purpose. What blocks these lights, and produces shadows. Shadows are only produced when something, someone, or something that gets between us and our dreams. Dream blockers are our fears, our failures, and our pain, our slavery to our addictions, our missteps, and our mistakes. Beware of those who promote the blocking of dreams, for these are the true evil forces in the universe. I am reminded of karate. The master teaches the student in order to break the wood or the brick – they must not concentrate on the obstruction, but rather they must see through the obstacle. Only by looking past the obstruction, can they indeed break the brick or piece of wood. Similarly, only by looking past your past, your fears, and your mistakes can you find the true path to your future guided by the light of your hopes, dreams, and possibilities. Then you may see that your why’s are not problems but possibilities, that your spirit answers with ‘why not?”


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