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July 16, 2010

TED Global :)

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July 15, 2010

National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation Resource Center, (shared by Sandy Heierbacher, NCDD Director)

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Message from Sandy Heierbacher, NCDD Director:

I wanted to let everyone know that the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation’s Resource Center is back up and running (yay!) at

The Resource Center describes and categorizes close to 2,400 resources — including dialogue guides, facilitation tools, dialogue & deliberation methods, online tools, case studies, videos, higher ed programs, articles, NCDD publications, and more.

Feel free to add the RSS feed, which is , to your RSS readers, facebook walls, linkedin accounts, etc!

You can also do 2 other things… 1. Comment on ANY resource in the Resource Center (with corrections, your thoughts about a tool or method, etc.) 2. Submit resources you think we should add by using the form at (I’d love to get more resources added about AI!)

July 1, 2010

Appreciative Inquiry Reading List (shared by Christine Macdonald)

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Appreciative Inquiry Reading List

This list is compiled from suggestions provided by members of the Appreciative Inquiry linkedin group.  If you’d like to join this group, connect with me and I’ll send you a link.

 Collaboration for Change:Appreciative Inquiry by Cooperrider and Whitney

Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change by Cooperrider and Whitney

A Positive Approach to Building Cooperative Capacityby Frank Barrett and Ron Fry

 The Power of Appreciative Inquiry. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler – Whitney, D. & Trosten-Bloom, A. (2003)

Appreciative Inquiry And Organizational Transformation: Reports From The Field. Fry, R., Barrett, F., Seiling, J. & Whitney, D. (eds.)(2002) Westport, CT: Quorum.   

Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management  Lewis, S., Passmore, J. & Cantore, S. (2008)  London, UK: Kogan Page.

The Appreciative Inquiry Summit. San Francisco: Ludema, J.D. Whitney, D., Mohr, B.J. & Griffen, T.J. (2003) Berret-Koehler.

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